Email to Print Security

“To Address” Email Security

You wont be given a standard email to send your file to such as: [email protected] as it could easily lead abuse. Some hacker could start posting themselves or others letters, poster, photos and other items using credits in your account! You are provided with unique address such as: [email protected] 

You receive a different email address for every mailing service that we provide, as in one for letters, another for postcards, posters, newsletters etc.

Remember Your Email Addresses

These email addresses are internationally hard to remember by memory and write down, however this does not mean it is a headache to send us your PDF files via email. You just need to save the addresses as Contacts in your email programme. For: [email protected] you might simply want to save it as “First Class Mail”.

“From Address” Email Security

To further ensure your account is never compromised with unauthorized activity you can enter the email addresses that you give permission to send PDFs to from your web based login. For example if the account is just for you then you may want to authorize: [email protected] as the only from email address our system should recognize.

If however you wanted anyone in the company to be able to access your Managed Mail Service’ account then you just need to add * to your account. This way any email to the correct TO address from coming from the domain name will be processed. You have full control over which emails as permitted and which are not. If you just want to authorize your own business address and your personal Hotmail one then that’s fine wih us!

Changing Access

You can instantly login and change the “TO” email address and add or revoke “FROM” email addresses, ideal if you believe it has been compromised or you have recently had personnel change and want to ensure there that only authorized persons have access to your account.

Data Protection

Any files you send us will be totally safe. Your privacy and the protection of your files are if the utmost importance to us, for more information on this please view our Privacy Policy page.