7 Powerful Reasons

Why You Should NEVER
use Stamps or a Franking
Machine EVER AGAIN...

Save Money

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  • Same Price/Cheaper then Stamps!
  • NO Envelopes, Printer or Paper
  • NO Mail Room Staff Costs
  • NO More Printer Repair Costs

Save Time

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  • NO More Queuing at Post Office
  • NO More Running to Post Box
  • NO Printer issues or Paper Jamming
  • No More Forgetful Staff Concerns

Better then DIY?

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  • Encrypted Document Upload
  • Reduced Data Protection Concerns
  • Signed for Mail, Real Time Updates
  • Scheduled Mail & Proof of Postage

Actual Machine vs Virtual Franking Machine

In today's digital world is a physical Franking Machine still really required? We've gone mobile with phone calls, virtual with faxes and so is it about time that businesses stop paying for an expensive franking machine, buying expensive ink, spending a fortune on maintenance and software costs and stop tolerating scandalous rental charges and monthly minimums.

We weigh up the difference in cost, convenience, the environment and to determine if on site Franking Machines have finally had their day. Read on for full details on the battle of Physical vs Virtual Franking Machines. Is this 2018 new comer poised to "disrupt"the Pitney Bowes of the world? Details here >