Free British Passport Photos

As a recommended and experienced supplier of passport photographs for UK applicants, we are excited to announce that from Autumn 2021 we are offering consumers FREE Passport Photographs (worth £6.00) for their passport application so long as they buy £10 worth of postage stamps from us to use on an ad hoc basis in the months to come.

Approved Passport photosHow do I get my Free Passport Photos?

Good question! Simply follow the steps below…

(Step 1) – Download the Print & Post – Virtual Printer app from the Apple Store (for iPhones) or from the Google Play Store (for Android devices) for FREE.

(Step 2) – Create a basic account / login – will take 2 minutes

(Step 3) – Login then click “Passport Photos” on the home screen.

(Step 4) – Follow the guidelines and take your passport photographs.

(Step 5)– Choose physical copies or the online web link then click “Done”.


That’s it. Super simple right? The whole process from end to end will take 10 to 15 minutes and so much faster and more convenient then the conventional way of having to first locate then travel to a photo booth, hope its working, hope there’s no queue and then pay the £6 fee along with your parking or bus/train fare.

How to get your free photos

What Happens Next? – Your photos will then be manually reviewed for compliance, edited and then cropped to size by one of our experienced specialists before either uploaded so that you can have a unique web link to use for your passport application – and/or printed and posted to you (based on your choice).

Are they really Free?!

You’ll you have to do to receive your passport photos for free (worth £6 from a standard photo booth) if you purchase £10 worth of stamps/postage credit from us. Credit which you can use via the Print & Post – Virtual Printer mobile app, desktop tool for PC and Mac which you can use later for having documents, letters, concert tickets, courier labels ++ printed and posted for personal or business reasons.

User Promo Code: FREEPICS at checkout

Same Price as Do it YourselfAs you can see from our Rate Card (Click here >) you do not pay a premium for having us print and post your mail for you. You simply pay the same price as doing it yourself! Don’t worry if you rarely post items these days. The credit can be used over many months and therefore will be there whenever you need something printed and posted to yourself or another person/company/government organisation. Usable not just when you’re in the UK but abroad too!

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