Email to Print

The Email to Print tool is yet another way to get your mail out the door in a cost effective manner (included in Standard & Premium account levels details >) You simply attach the PDF file to a blank email, send it to our unique email address and we’ll print and post it for you.

You can send these emails manually whenever you need prints or automatically if your customer relationship management software (CRM) has the ability to send automated emails.

How Does Email to Print Work?

Step 1 – Click on the “Email to Print” tab inside your Secure Support Centre. You will then be taken to a page with a list of custom “TO” email addresses. Each print and post service has their own email address unique to you. Example:

Step 2 – Authorise the email address that you want to give authority to access your account. This can be your personal and business email addresses, as well as those of your colleagues or family. Only emails coming from addresses in the FROM table to the above TO email addresses will be accepted. If there is no match then our system will reject it.

Step 3 – Draft the email ensuring that the TO and FROM email addresses are correct. If you have included the recipients address on the top right hand corner of the letter then you just need to use the word “Included” in the email title. If you need a label printed then you need to put the address in the title line, each line separated by a comma.

Example of a compliant email. The email on the left requires no label, the one on the right requests an address label:

Step 4 – Start sending your emails!

Whenever you want a letter, newsletter, postcard, photograph or poster printed just use the right TO email address and we’ll do the rest. Don’t worry, if any problems are detected, you’ll receive an email informing you what needs fixing. That’s it a super simple way to ensure that your post goes out on time, every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Secure Is The Email to Print Tool?

A: Very secure. The system only prints and posts items that arrive on the unique ‘TO’ address assigned just to your account and originate from a FROM address that you have authorised.

You can revoke access too.  If an employee leaves or you believe the ‘TO’ email addresses have been compromised, you can change them within seconds.

Q: What Are The Charges For The Email to Print Tool?

A: The tool itself is totally FREE! You just pay on a pay as you go basis the same rate as you would printing and posting letters yourself! That’s right, you don’t pay a premium for this complete “done for you” service. Pricing found here >/p>

Q: Should I Be Worried About Data Protection Issues?

A: PDFs that you send to our system are deleted within 48hrs. We do offer an online backup of the mail you send but this is optional and you have to proactively turn it on. For more information on our strict Data Protection policy please visit our Privacy page.