Print & Post Software

Finally! A pay on demand Print & Post service for the little guy! No longer do you have to worry about the purchase or maintenance of printing equipment and materials. With Managed Mail Service you simply pay for what you use. Our desktop tool for Windows and Mac (securely signed by Comodo) allows you to just “drag and drop” any PDF letter, newsletter, postcard or photograph that you want printed & posted from your desktop computer!


No Minimum Order – Unlike many companies who provide mail fulfilment services, we do not demand you send a minimum volume of letters. If you want to send 1 letter a year then that is fine with us. You will also be pleased to know that you do not get penalised with terrible rates for sending low volumes. We want our software to be available to everyone, regardless of where they are on their business journey.

Same Rate as Posting Yourself! – One thing that continues to amaze but also please users of Managed Mail Service is how we are able to print and post their letters at virtually the same rate that it would cost them to do it themselves. Well, due to aggressive wholesale rates we have been able to secure from Royal Mail for the volume of post, we are able to provide you with an end to end done for you service that costs the same as it would for you to send a letter yourself! That’s right, effectively our service is FREE!

Letters, Photos, Postcards ++ – Whilst we mainly print A4 size documents, you can benefit from a wide range of printing services (details >) from letters, postcards, photos, and A3 newsletters. You also have complete control over the postage class used: standard, 2nd class, 1st class, signed for and Special Delivery services. Other customisation includes black and white or colour and printed label vs a hand written address.

Send Mail from Anywhere – You or your staff do not need to be in the UK to send mail, you can be out of the country on business or on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean and still able to use our tool. All you need is an Internet connection and pre-paid credit on your account and you’re in business! No more relying on an unreliable staff or family member to get the damn thing out the door and not continually “forget”.

Schedule & Track Mail – Don’t need that letter, invoice, sales promotion or postcard to go out immediately? Not a problem. With our service you can schedule your mail to go out on a certain date. Whether it’s days, weeks or months later. Use the Signed For or Special Delivery services to receive real time desktop alerts for every step of your mail journey (can be turned off).

100% Secure & Private – One thing that has always been incredibly important to us is security and privacy. All documents sent to us are kept securely on our server and deleted once they have been posted (unless storage has been purchased.) In regards to privacy, our offices are securely protected, all staff sign strict non-disclosure agreements and mail sorting machines virtually eliminate the human being in the chain.

Easy & Secure Download – The desktop software takes only a few minutes to download and is entirely secure. It  has received a Comodo Signing Certificate which confirms that it is a safe tool and will not change your computers settings or download adware of a virus onto your machine. It also has a two click “Uninstall” process built in so you can remove the tool from your computer within 60 seconds should you ever wish to.

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