How we Save You Money

Sending mail or printing through Managed Mail Service is more cost effective than sending stamped mail through the Post Office or via A Franking Machine

No More Human Errors : Those unfamiliar with sending posts using stamps or via a Franking Machine can often make costly mistakes. Printing the wrong postage amount or service, not writing the complete correct address, not getting the mail out as quickly as you need to- These and many other possibilities not listed are all human errors that could cost your organisation or you as an individual. With Managed Mail Service, you do not have to worry about these errors.

No More Post Office Queues or Post Box Runs : Sending a colleague to run to the Post Office or Post box costs time, wages and travel expenses. Instead of disrupting employee workflow and paying them time away from the desk to make Post Office runs, all you have to do is drag a document into our Managed Mail Service tool to send mail.

No Printer/Paper/Ink/Maintenance Costs : Have you ever tried printing a letter or two and your Printer/Franking Machine just would not co-operate? We’ve all been there! Paper Jams, problems with the ink, conflicts with the software, running out of paper, phone calls to the maintenance man and a hefty amount of your money going into fixing these are now a thing of the past. With Managed Mail Service you no longer have to maintain any hardware and spend money on supplies such as ink and paper.

You read that correctly! Regardless of the printing and postage rates, we can guarantee at least a 50% cheaper rate on services that you are normally already carrying out, such as sending direct mail to new prospects and current customers. We’re far cheaper than others.
More details are on our Co-Mailing and Piggybacking services here >

Reduced Staff Costs: Whether you have an actual mail room with staff or a dedicated person in the office who handles your mail with Managed Mail Service, you no longer need anyone to worry about your outbound mail. Our complete “Done-for -You” service means that they can be freed up to do more valuable, money making work for yourself. Just have your colleagues email in letters they need printed, and we’ll do the rest.

Reduced Complaints & Legal Headaches: Our “Proof of Postage” service for Premium Accounts has helped countless clients reduce complaints with customers as they can show proof that ‘x’ was sent to them and that they were given notice. Third party proof that your service, invoice, warning letter was sent can also be useful during court proceedings when you need to prove what was sent and when.

Sent Mail Online Backup (optional): Sometimes not being able to prove you cancelled ‘x’ service, that you registered a complaint, cancelled a contract, cancelled a trial or server official court paperwork on another can be enormously costly. If the letter cannot quickly be found, along with proof of when it was sent, it can lead to hundreds and if not thousands of pounds in costs. Whilst PDFs clients send us usually auto-delete within 48hrs, we can offer an online backup of every document for a period of 6 months, 1yr, 2yrs or more.

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