How we Save You Time

Whether you currently send mail through the Post Office or using a Franking Machine, as a Managed Mail Service client, we can save you and your staff, time and many a headache. Below are just some of the ways we save you time.

No More Time Wasted on Maintenance – You no longer need to worry about spending time fixing a paper jam, ink that wont be read by the printer, drivers that do not work with your computer or anything else the relates to keeping your printer in working order. With Managed Mail Service there is no equipment to maintain. You just drag and drop your letters into our desktop tool or you email them in, we do the rest!

No Paper, Ink, Envelopes or Stamps – Don’t you find that there’s always something missing? We provide the paper, ink, envelopes and postage, you no longer need to waste time searching online or queuing shops to buy and keep replenishing these items & paying eye watering rates due to buying in small quantities. This time can now be freed up for you to do more important money making tasks.

No More Dashing to Post Box – We’ve all been there when a letter stays on top of the microwave or on an assistants desk for what seems like forever, never quite making it to the post box. With Managed Mail Service, visits to the Post Box in the cold and rain are no longer required! We even offer a “Late Night” option where mail STILL enters the system even after Royal Mail has emptied the post boxes for the day.

No More Post Office Queues!! – A joy that is now behind you! You & your colleagues can now stay warm inside and no longer spend your valuable time queuing behind people at your local Post Office who appear to be there for anything but to send mail! Royal Mails Signed For & Special Delivery services usually require to be stamped at the Post Office, with us there is no need! We do all of this for you!

Proof of Postage Provided – Typically to get Proof of Postage you would need to waste time travelling to the Post Office, find place to park, queue up and ask the teller to print you a receipt. With Managed Mail Service on the Premium account level, clients receive Proof of Postage from us! This is ideal for mail that you want to prove was delivered i.e. a customer is being dishonest saying they never received x, you are fighting a court case and the opposition say they never received y. – These are just two examples.

Real Time Tracking – Using Royal Mails Signed For and Special Delivery services usually also require a visit to the Post Office to secure the tracking slip and get the item entered into the system – a timely and frustrating process. Managed Mail Service clients not only avoid this but are given proactive updates on the status of their trackable mail through FREE desktop popups and notifications via our iPhone and Android app.

Sending Mail from Outside the Office/Country – Being out of the office or abroad on holiday or business used to mean that getting important mail out the door was a frustrating affair. Especially if you’re in a time zone and do not have someone reliable who will ensure your mail goes out as quickly as you want it to. As our desktop and email to print tools work from anywhere in the world, this is now a problem of the past.

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