Mailing Types

We provide a range of different mailing types and printing services that individuals and small to medium size businesses can benefit from. Regardless of your size or the amount of post you send per year, Managed Mail Service can help you save money and time and ensure that your post goes out on time, every time.

Single Mailing – Unlike many other “Mailing Fulfilment Houses” we do not have a minimum order of post that we will send out for you. If you want to send 1 piece a week, month or even year, you are welcome to do so! This does not just apply to A4 documents but to all Mailing Services that we offer.

Bulk Mailings – We can also assist you with sending out large quantities of post to prospects and consumers of businesses from 50 pieces to 50,000. You can also customise your mail pieces. That does not just mean the basics like “Dear Sir/Madam” replaced with “Dear Mr Johnson” but complete customisation. If you want a unique website link (PURL), coupon code, purchase history, date of last purchase, account managers name or any other unique content added to each and every piece of mail that goes out the door, we can do that for no extra charge.

Scheduled Mailings – Don’t need your mailings to go out for x number of days or on x date? Not a problem. You can provide us with the letter and custom data and we can send all of the pieces all on one day or if you wish, pace the mailing so that x number or y percentage goes out every day. We can also pace multiple stage mailings. Ideal for mail that is part of a sequence, such as one related to customer acquisition, debt collection or reminders.

Conditional Mailings – This service is perfect for marketers, the accounts department chasing payment or any other use when you may or may not need to send follow up pieces to individuals or businesses. Through our powerful REST API you can tell us when to start or stop a sequences of mailings to a recipient saving you money and your recipients from receiving mail that is no longer relevant to them i.e. they already purchased and so do not need another sales letter selling them something they have already bought or they already cleared their debt with you.