Send Documents via Rest API

Whilst you can send documents using our service via the Print & Post desktop application, the Print & Post mobile app for iPhone and Android, by emailing in the documents or looking into your secure web based login we also provide clients the ability to communicate via our system using our REST API.

You can instruct our system via HTTP post what document/postcard/poster to send out to which recipient or list of recipients and whether to send them now or on a certain date. You can also send us the custom content that you want to be sent, not just the name and address but any other customised content that you would like included in the mail piece.

Customization includes but is not limited to: unique coupon code, date of last purchase, their birthday, list of services they have purchased before, name of their pet, unique website address (PURL) or any other information that you have.

Need API Assistance? – If you’re not technical minded and are looking to speak with one of the team members who built the API or you are interested in having someone build an application that connects your database/website/customer management software to our system then please contact us. We have a team of in-house, senior developers who can truly work magic and achieve virtually anything that you need.