Snapfish review

snapfishSnap fish is an app and website that allows you to print various images and photos on different products of your choice. It ranges from standard photos, books , mugs ,home décor cards and calendars and caters to all occasions.

It gives you a clear insight of what they have to offer on their page and how to use their website

from uploading images from your phone or any other media platform and send it to friends or family. When  downloading the app they give you free 6×4 prints as an incentive to start you on your snap fish journey. This is a good feature as it allows customers to review the quality of their purchase whilst only paying for delivery .

Company History 

The Good 

The company experience remarkable success in its early development as a web based retailer. They were able to sell their business in 2005 for 300 million. In 2015 the original owners bought back the company, it was an easy transaction as their was no change or disruption in the printing services snap fish members had enjoyed . It has a great appeal to those who work with photographs as they are more likely to benefit from the memberships , in saying that they also offer tutorials that teach you how to work with photographs so you can better your knowledge and skill set.


Unfortunately their retail concept store that they had opened in Virginia ,2004 did not go to plan as it did not achieve the success they had hope and ended up closing the store. In august 2013 they ended up closing multiple international sites, Spain Belgium , Netherlands and India, redirecting customers to alternative services .


In 2016 while converting to new web system, the company experienced a major data loss. All photos that were stored before January 2014 would not migrate to the new website. This impacted their members and customers in a major way.


Overall my experience with the app was not bad its very straight forward to use, if not they have tutorials to help you understand it better. They do offer you the 50 free prints per month, which i believe adds up to the 600 free prints for the year, if you remember to use the app monthly. In my case it is unlikely i would use this app every month as its not something I need.

For me it would probably only be used for special occasions or gift giving. I also would have like to been able to upload images straight from snap chat as that is my go to to capture my special moments. It can also be quite expensive if you are not careful although they offer a discount or 50 free prints that only apply’s to the smaller prints. So if buying the larger prints or canvases you are most likely to pay full price and delivery .


Their pricing ranges from £0.10 for a standard 6×4 photo to  £56.99 for a 14×11 landscape book and 36.99 for a photo blanket for the ordinary customers that may want a gift or new photos. Where as they also cater to businesses offering a range of products  from business cards to mouse pads at a discounted price when spending a certain amount .

Delivery Time

Delivery times in the UK ranges from next day to 3-5 working days with a 1-3 day production, delivery to Europe ,USA and other countries may take up to 5-8 days including production for prints and 6-9 days including production for other products .

In conclusion I believe this is a good app to use, as it is straight forward and does most of the work for you. For instance it has a blog on how to take better quality photos so that you get the best result when printed. Offering reasonable prices and various offers on their products.

However the disappointing factor to snap fish is that if you order on a Friday or weekend you are not likely to get it until the following Wednesday. In addition they do not have any features for printing documents such as letters, news letters or formal documentation. where as this can be done at.