Text Extractor

Problems Extracting The Address? The below will help you over come this problem.

In short it not only depends on the font type as to whether our software can read the font on your document and extract it properly it also depends on the source of this file. The best sources to use our desktop software such as Microsoft Word, Open Office or Pages in Apple Mac and use “File > Print > Print & Post Virtual Printer”.

However if you use Google Docs or another web based application or you are trying to pull out the text from scanned in document then please note the extractor will likely NOT work at all or just show random characters.

You can still use Google Docs and extract the font but instead of the File > Print route simply click on the File menu and then use either “Save as PDF” or “Download as PDF”. You can then drag and drop this newly created PDF file into the Print & Post Software and extract addresses without any issue.

Best Fonts to Use

Some less known fonts will not extract at all, a few others will extract but group all the text into 1 line. But many fonts including the most popular, everyday ones extract perfectly and so we highly recommend choosing one of those. We tested each font one by one. You can view the outcome of which fonts to use and which to avoid below…

Google Sheets Link.

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