Address in Window Training

There is a very crafty yet simple way to have dozens or even hundreds of documents posted to multiple recipients in an effortless way that also saves you the price of a label and allows you to choose any address font that you want!

How this Works

When you bring your PDF file into the Print & Post – Virtual Printer desktop tool and choose the “Address in Envelope Window” option. You will then see a blue box superimposed on your file. This is where the transparent envelope window will be when we print your A4 letter, fold it in half and place it in a C5 envelope (which is A5 size / half the size of A4).


Please watch the short video below for training on how to use the “Address in Window” sending option.


No Label = Cheaper!

As we’re not printing a postage label with the recipients address on it for you it means you save on the label charge! Meaning of course that it results in a cheaper per letter charge for you or your business.

Address Somewhere Else?

You do not need to be restricted to having the address on your document where our fixed box is positioned. It can in fact be anywhere you want it to be. You just need to use the Text Extractor function for these documents. Details here >

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