Virtual Franking Machine

Gone are the days when businesses need to have an actual Franking Machine in their office. Managed Mail Service brings to the market a disruptive new software : The Virtual Franking Machine. Goodbye expensive, ugly, ink hungry and often unreliable Franking Machines!

The Virtual Franking Machine Software for Windows and Mac computers allows staff in your organisation to simply “drag and drop” documents into the tool, enter the address (if not already present on the letter), choose the postage type and press “Send.” We then print and post the document for you!

Everything is virtual and no equipment is needed at your end!Tutorial on how to use use Virtual franking machine

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No Expensive Hardware Costs – If you’re a business that only sends a small amount of mail, you are probably frustrated by the machine costs, monthly rentals, top-up charges and goodness knows what else other Franking Machine providers charge. Have you asked yourself, is it really worth it? We can appreciate where you’re coming from, and you are not alone! Which is why we provide a simple pay as you go scheme where you only pay for what you consume. You only want to send 1 letter a month? That’s fine with us.

No Maintenance / Machine / Ink – As you either know from first hand experience or from others, a physical Franking Machine is horribly expensive to purchase (£150+) and is known to not just be thirsty for expensive ink that will make your eyes water, but is known to break down seamlessly for no reason. With a Virtual Franking Machine, no machine, maintenance, ink or other costs exist!

Address Extraction Technology – Our software makes it incredibly easy to send 1 or 10,000 letters with our sophisticated and unique Address Extraction Technology via our Virtual Printer feature. This feature allows you to turn 1 long Microsoft Word document into a letter that goes to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of different recipients- All with the same effort it takes to send a single letter! See how this tech works here >

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Cheaper Postage – Whilst every Franking Machine company out there loves to scream about their rates being x pennies less then a Royal Mail stamp, many people do not know (until its too late) about the length of “services charges”, which some refer to as hidden fee’s. Setup charges, monthly rentals, Top Up charges, inflated ink, maintenance charges and other fees all before you send your first letter can virtually wipe out any savings. With us, we believe you should just pay for the mail you send.

Mail Tracking – Whilst Franking Machine providers give you the ability to use Royal Mails Signed For and Special Delivery services, they are not easy to use. With those options, you still need the slips on site, need your staff to enter address manually on the slip and run to the Post Office for it to be accepted into the system. Not only do we do all of this for you, but we also provide free Real Time Updates on the journey of each trackable mail piece!

Proof of Postage – To secure “Proof of Postage” by sending letters using stamps or a typical Franking Machine requires you to queue up at the Post Office and ask the teller to print you a Proof of Postage receipt. A tedious task which is unpractical for every piece of mail your organisation sends. Clients with a Premium level account receive proof of postage on each and every piece of mail sent through our service.

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