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Companies in the United Kingdom wanting to change their company address can use form AD01.

AD01, a form introduced to replace form 287, was first introduced on 1st October 2009

If a company plans to change their registered office address, they need to complete form AD01 to inform Companies house.

Company addresses are kept on the public register even 20 years after the company has been dissolved.

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AD01 form can only be used to change a company’s registered office address. This form cannot be used to change the registered office address of an LLP or Limited Liability Partnership. If this is your case, you will have to use LL AD01’s Change of Registered office address of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

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AD01 Form Charge

There is no cost to file form AD01. All you have to do is fill the form and post it to Companies House.

AD01 Form Processing Time

2 working days. 



  • Change a company’s registered office address.
  • Register the new address within 14 days of changing it.


  • Change the registered office address of an LLP or Limited Liability Partnership.
  • Put a PO Box as an address. You need a full postal address within the UK.

Address for AD01 Form

The company’s registered office address is the address to which government groups like Companies House and HMRC and possibly other agencies – send official communications, notices and reminders to the company.

AD01- Change a company’s registered office address – Expanded

The registered address by a company must be the companies official address.

Before you send your completed AD01 form, you have to make sure to check the following:

  • Make sure that the company name and number matches information in the public Register.
  • That you have provided an actual location of the new registered office address in section 2.
  • Make sure to sign the form.


Important Notes

  • Forms could be rejected if there is incorrect or missing information.
  • Ensure that the address is an actual physical location and not a PO Box number (unless part of a full address) or DX or LP (Legal Post in Scotland) number.

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