First of all, it’s a very short, easy-to-use app. Like others, it allows you to upload or take a photo from your gallery. After that you are taken to crop your photo that you have selected. For the best result, this tool places a border and oval shape around where the head should be positioned within the photo as well as the shoulder.  

After cropping your photo the app process complete. Their are no further steps for you to use, this leaves me to feel like their is not much point in downloading the app. It only allows you to crop your image where as other apps such as the Print and Post app allows this to be done for you as well as much more.

MY Review

The app offers very little, as I stated before. In that case, you would need to edit your photos elsewhere. The app itself is not very exciting or inviting, and I believe it could use a lot of improvement. Hence its rating. However, the page it sends you to did not work, so another improvement suggestion. The good thing about it is that there are no ads interfering with your experience and it’s free.  


With a review of 3.2 out of 5 stars. Their is definitely need for improvement. Just from the reviews alone and the app feedback and having good communication between customers and business.

Richard Howard
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