After downloading the app, you are taken to a page where they ask what kind of photo you need PASSPORT, VISA, ID or DRIVERS LICENSE. The next page, what to do and how to get the best result, is the next page. Adds examples of the perfect photo and bad example photos. 

Upon selecting your photo, it will tick off everything you did correctly in the uploaded photo. After this, you will be asked to double check your photo to make sure there are no shadows on the neck, body, or unbalanced lighting on the face. Once you have completed that step, you can save or share your photo.

The process was very brief, but it did provide a lot of information and guidance on how to take a good photo. Because it lacks an editing process, you wouldn’t be able to edit your photo if needed or would have to download another app.


 According to my conclusion, this is an easy app to use since it gives you lots of guidance on how to take a good photo. The app is easy to use for those who struggle with overly complicated apps to use. Whilst also being straight forward to use. The other aspect I like about this app is that it has no hidden charges and no unnecessary advertisements.


Their perfect rating of 5 stars indicates that they are offering their customers what they need. As well as  making it easy and accessible for everyone to use. Though there is always room for improvement, I don’t believe there is much to improve on with this app.

Richard Howard
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