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SAIL stands for Single Alternative Inspection Location. This is a forms address which instead of being kept at a business registered address address is stored here by LLPs and UK businesses for public inspection.

While a SAIL address is not needed for companies in the United Kingdom, many business owners choose it for the ease of being able to distinguish everyday operations with a SAIL address.

Many businesses that are operating from their home address use a SAIL address to avoid someone looking at their statute books showing up at their home.

If a company owner wishes to file or update their SAIL address, they may do so by completing and submitting AD02 form to Companies House.

If the company needs to use a SAIL address, the address should be in the same region as the business.

A corporation registered in England, for example, is required to have a SAIL in England, while a company registered in Scotland is required to have a SAIL in Scotland.

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To update or register your SAIL address, you will need to submit form AD02 to Companies house and
submit form AD03 to indicate which documents have been relocated.

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AD02 Form Charge

Companies House has made this form available to you for free.

AD02 Processing Time

There is no precise timeline for Companies House processing this form however postal applications take longer than usual.



  • This form can only be used to inform Companies House about any changes on the inspection location where the company record will be kept.


  • This form cannot be used to provide Companies House with the address of a place outside of the United Kingdom where the business is registered.

Other Forms

Address for AD02 Form

It’s important to know that the SAIL must be in the part of the UK where the business is registered.

On form AD03, “Change of position of company records to the single alternate inspection location (SAIL),” you must indicate which company records have been transferred to the SAIL.

Please file a new form AD03 if you haven’t done so already.

AD02 – Register a single alternative inspection location – Expanded

An organization might use a SAIL address for the transportation, repair, and public review of statutory registers for a variety of purposes. It may be a viable, feasible, or preferable option if:


  • A director uses his or her home address as the business address as he or she does not like to open his or her home to public inspection.
  • The registered office is in a separate place or is difficult to locate or reach.
  • If nobody is available at the registration office on a daily basis, a proposal to audit business documents will be impractical.
  • If the director is not located at the business address and wishes to keep the documents at the location where he or she is most often found.
  • It would be inconvenient to provide public access to documents at the registered office.
  • A small car repair shed, or a busy workshop or studio, for example, is not set up to store documents or facilitate inspection visits.
  • The registers’ upkeep is delegated to a company in a different area.


What are the SAIL Address Requirements?


  • At any given time, a limited company may only have one SAIL address.
  • The SAIL address of a corporation must be from the same region of the United Kingdom as the office address.
  • This is also the same authority in which the business is registered – England and Wales, Wales only, Scotland, or Northern Ireland.
  • A complete, physical postal address, not a PO Box Number, is required for SAIL.
  • Legally required business documents must be kept in a single location. Whichever the registered office or the SAIL address may be used (or Companies House). It is not feasible to hold certain registers at one location and others at a different location.
  • The use of a SAIL address should be reported to Companies House as soon as possible.
  • If documents are moved to or from a SAIL address, Companies House must be notified.
  • If SAIL’s address varies, the latest information must be filed with Companies House right away.

To pass a resolution to use a SAIL address

A majority of the directors must support the plan to use a SAIL address and transfer statutory business registrations to a new site. It’s a simple matter but often necessitates the passage of a board of directors’ resolution. For regular adjustments, this form of resolution is used.

At a board meeting, the directors will vote by showing their hands to pass a motion. A SAIL address will be used if the majority of directors approve the application.

Companies House must be notified of the new address and transfer of regulatory registers by one of the directors or the business clerk. The corporation should also keep a copy of the settlement in its records.

It is critical that Companies House is alerted as soon as an organization wishes to use a SAIL address.

The public registry will be updated with this material.

To notify Companies House of a SAIL address, fill out form AD02: File a Single Alternative Inspection Location online or by mail.

The following information is needed to complete this form:

  • company name
  • address of the Single Alternative Inspection Location
  • company registration number

Companies House must also be informed of the documents that have been transferred from the registered office to the SAIL address.

The AD03 type from Companies House should be included.

The business name, registration number and all documents that are stored at the SAIL address must all be listed on this document.


Important Notes

Companies House has right to return forms that have been filled out incorrectly or that are missing details. So make sure to check the following:

  • The name and number of the corporation matches what is on the public registry
  • In section 2, make sure that you gave the address of the single alternate inspection site
  • The given address is in the same region of the United Kingdom where the corporation is listed
  • The form has been signed

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