Upon downloading this app, its take you to its homepage which looks professional and inviting. It offers four different options and even a printing tips options. Giving me the feeling they want the best outcome, and the experience they can offer.

Once you’ve chosen your photo, the next step is to choose what size it should be or what documentation it should be used for.  Adjust the image to fit in the template they give you, then move on to the next step.

when the photo has been adjusted and you are happy. You are able to move onto the editing process.

This process is a little better then others, as it has more options and you can white the background.

This is a feature that has been hard to acquire with out having to watch ads or pay a premium. Leaving me quite impressed, they included in this feature.

Once completed then, are able to create id photo review your progress, select the amount of images you would like printed. Then print them at home or your local shop or library.


Mixed reviews on the how the app works, from the framing , updating or how it works. What is a shame is that their is no response from the customer service team . Leaving customers with the feeling its their problem and their is no resolution, understanding why they have not received a better ratting then 3.8 out of 5.

Not to worry as their are other reliable services out their, that are willing to do everything for you all you need to do is send your photo. They will take care of the editing process, guarantee acceptance and send you out the photos in the post. Tracked or not at your choice, PRINT and POST APP is something everyone should have downloaded on their phone.

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