iVisa Passport Photo ID Photo

Ivisa Passport photo ID Photo

As soon as you download the apply. You’re taken to a page where you have to take or upload a photo. Then you have to add your order information so that they can email your photos and keep you informed of the progress. Then you select what document you need the photo for such as Passport, work permit general purpose or green card etc.

It is next necessary to select the country for the photo so they can add the correct size. Printed photos are £7.10 for one copy, while digital photos are £4.72. Being quite expensive for an individual photo, so if you wanted more, it would be more costly. After reviewing your photo, if you’re satisfied, you are given the option of having the photo reviewed by an expert. This costs £3.93.

Finally, you are required to provide your shipping details, which is thankfully free. The process is rather tedious as you have to keep adding what country you wish your photos to be shipped to.


The conclusion is that this is a very expensive app to use, costing £7.10 for a single printed photo and more than one costs you. Without editing options, you have to use the expert review to fix any imperfections.

Nevertheless, the expert review is a welcome addition as it will improve your photo, making it passport-ready. Another positive addition is that it also covers formal documentation for visas and permits if necessary.

Honestly, I wouldn’t use this app for myself. It’s too expensive, and doesn’t provide a guarantee that you will get government acceptance photos or that you’ll get your money back. So you might just be wasting your time and money. Nonetheless if you wanted a similar service that is cheaper i would advise you try the Print and Post App. Essentially giving you a better service and guaranteed photo acceptance from your gov agency.



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