Official Passport photo review

Official Passport photo review 

First, off when opening the app it gives you reassurances, as it has the gov approved or money back guarantee. On the other hand what’s a little annoying is that you are not able to select an image from gallery. Therefore, taking a picture of yourself without the front camera is difficult for someone trying to use this app by themselves.

Once taken your picture it will ask you to validate it, then take you to a page where you can select what country its for and what you need the photo for e.g. Passport ,Visa , ID or for a bus pass.

Consistently asking if the photo should be validated or not. No editing process, meaning they might do it for you if needed. I believe with the validation, it checks if it good enough to be accepted.

No acceptance percentage or image review before purchasing. However it does include money back  guarantee.

After selecting what document you need it for, it takes you straight to the page to purchase the image and they send you a code. No hard copy images, which if you wanted would have to send to an app or post office to do.

Whereas with the PRINT AND POST APP all you need to do is send your images. They edit and guarantee acceptance and send you emailed and hard copy’s if required for a small fee. Probably working out the same amount if not cheaper then this service for no guarantee.


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