Passport camera print passport size photo

Passport Camera Print Passport Size Photo

Firstly, when downloading the app, your are taken to the homepage of selecting gallery uploads or uploading from a camera. Straight forward and easy , Once selected image, you are taking to the editing process of which is fairly basic features from rotation , mirror ,scale and auto fix that adjust the photo for you.

Secondly, once completed the first step if the editing process then you have a second editing step where you add saturation brightness ,contrast and even a suit. It’s a neat little addition in my opinion. Once you have completed the second editing stage, you can save your image and choose how many copies you want to print.


This is a very straight forward process and very easy to use but I believe their are better apps out their. That are more explanatory with little videos on how to make your editing more successful. Also when going to print your images their is no way to add some space in between the images so that you can cut them. So essentially will be cutting off some of their hair.


Overall, they have a really good 5 star rating but have some reviews where they need to adjust their app to help improve it. Additionally, they should reply back to their consumers so they feel acknowledged.

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