Honestly, when opening the app I thought the colours were a bit dull but could understand why they had those colours cause it linked to the old UK passport colour. This app was a little different to the others, including two pages where it went through what would be acceptable for the photo , what to do and what not to do to have an successful photo.

Next, you move onto selecting the country you would need the photo printed for. Moving on it gives you good and bad examples of photos reminding their customers on what to do to have an successful outcome. You then move onto selecting whether you want to select from gallery or upload a photo from your camera.

After that you have selected your photo you move onto the summary page, where you select photo code only or both printed photos and code. For a small price of £4.99 for just photos or £9.98 for both code and photos with no delivery fee.


I believe it is a good app very straight forward and simple to use. A child could navigate this software following their direction. However it does not give you an editing process a touch up which leads me to believe they do it for you or their is none. Possibly meaning the photos you are sending them are printed and sent out to you with no touch up or assurance it will be accepted by the passport agency.

However if you would like a luxury service where all you have to do is send your photos and they take care of the rest from editing making sure it guaranteed acceptance and sending your photos put to you if required then go to MANAGE MAIL SERVICE website or use their Print and Post App.


This app has to be doing something right as they have a great 4.5 out of 5 star rating . As you can see they also have a great line of communication with their customers. Making sure the customers are priority.

Richard Howard
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