Passport Photo Code App Review

Passport Photo Code Review

When searching for passport photo apps in the play store, this is one of the first there apps that appear. It’s simple to install and straightforward to use. Details your responsibility when taking the photo to meet passport requirements, etc.

Secondly, it does not give any other options for any pictures for formal documentation like the Photo Aid App or Print and Post App. Where they had a range of services that they provide you select the country of where you are based upload the photo that you would like. Choose which option you would like to proceed with from photo code only £4.99 4 printed photos £4.99 or both the code and printed photos for £9.98. 

They do not run you through any compatibility test or say they will contact the customer if the photo is not accepted by the passport agency. 


They do offer the standard 3-5 free delivery which is a plus but if you are in a rush and need tracked delivery is £4.99 next day delivery before 12pm is £9.50.

Where as with the Manage Mails Service website their or the Print and Post app they provide a range of different services a DONE4U service. They will take your passport application and photos to the passport office so that you can have the hassle free service and  receive your new passport ready to use.

In conclusion, this app is very basic and does not offer their clientele much, accept for the passport photos. However you could go to the post office, local Sainsbury or another reliable app service. For the same if not better service. Personally I would not waste my money or time.

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