Upon downloading this app, you have a very simple dark colour scheme set up. In my opinion is not the best but not the worst.

Firstly, you select whether you want to take an mage from the gallery. Preferably behind a white plain background. Next when selected the photo you line it up with their photo guide, which is a useful tool that they have added for you. Once happy with the line you re forwarded to the page where you print your work.

Personally, i believe this app could have included so much more. Such as editing process, you just line your image up and then print.  Also could have included printing the image in colour, it does not give you a country to select your image or size.

As there is no compatibility test, you will not know if the image is accurate or guaranteed to work.

If completed and used for your passport and get rejected you may feel

as though you have wasted your time ,energy and money for those who have purchased the app without ads and to have the images in colour.


Overall, they have a good overall rating from the customer based which is 4.1 out of 5 stars. So they must be doing something right. As they really do not offer much unless your are purchasing the premium. Reviews are also important as they improve ranking , allowing your consumers to have a voice and create customer loyalty. Also allows you to improve customer service.

For a small fee, there are apps or websites that can accomplish this task for you. The photo code link or copies of your photos will be sent out to you tracked at your request. The PRINT AND POST APP allows you to go about your day knowing the professionals have taken care of it.

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