Firstly when downloading the app, The first thing you see is how to edit your photo and what you will have to do. I think this is a good, as it gives you a heads up on what to expect and how to edit your image in the future. Then you have to select what country and size you would need for the photos for.

Then you have small editing options brightness and saturation and the width and height of the image that you are editing. After that you are able to print the image, re edit or share the image. It was a quick editing process then print or save. This app could have definitely offered more but they did offer the basics so you could still get the job done.


Overall it was a very easy and straight forward to use, it did not have to many steps involved so anyone could use it. It does not have any ad to distract you or lose and completed image that you would then have to start again on. The actual quality of the photos are very good for such a basic app.

If doing it yourself is not for you then you can send your photos to the Print and Post App where they will give you the complete DONE4U process where all you have to do is send your photos and wait to receive them.


Overall their reviews rating could be better with a 3.6 out of 5 stars. they could start by having some resolutions to their customers queries and complaints. That should boost their ratings and help their customer understand and work their app better.

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