Once downloaded the app, it gives me a very childish feel almost to many colours , animated with character cartoons.  Select the country that you need the image is need for and size.

Move onto the editing process, alignment contrast, brightness and saturation. Then move onto adding a border, if you happy with then you can move to the next step . Which  is selecting how many images you would like printed and where you would like it printed.


I fly through these processes as i have completed so many of them, but what i would have preferred is a more simplistic background and maybe a few colours instead of 3-4. On the other hand what I did like about the app is it constantly gave you little help you images of how to make your image better or what to add. Being very helpful to someone who is their first ever time o=using one of these apps.

Also other then helpful clips has no testing to see whether you photo will be  accepted by your Passport office. The other thing that is frustrating is every time you move onto the next step.


Overall, this app has a fair rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars. This could obviously use some improvements and the customer reviews also reflect that. These reviews are essential for future customers to see what others has experienced whilst using the app and decide if it is good enough for them.

Richard Howard
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