Passport Size Photo Maker

In the beginning when you download the app, you are taken to their home page, which is simple and allows you to choose images from your gallery or you can simply upload straight from your camera. After selecting your country and size you can crop the image.

Secondly, you have the editing process, which has a a lot to offer from brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, hue, and saturation, erase , background and border. After you have completed your editing process and are happy with your edited image. Moving onto the next step you have to select how many images you would like printed.


This app had a good selection of editing tools with which you could edit your photo. Another thing I liked about this app was that it did not include any ads in order to let you work on your photo without being distracted. What they could have included was offering how to images or clips just to help their customers. Also the gov specifications on taking the perfect photo for acceptance.

However their are always alternatives such as the Print and post app. A  straight forward app that provides a service like no other, all you have to do is send them your photos via email or post. They will edit guarantee acceptance via the gov website and send you the finished product.  A  complete DONE4U service.


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