Passport Size Photo Maker Review

Passport size photo maker review

First thing you see when downloading the app is bright inviting colours. Giving me the feeling that I will have a positive experience whilst using this app. You are then given the option of downloading the image or uploading it behind a white background.

To get the best photo, once selected your photo, the next step is to select what country or document it is for. With the automatic sizing you require for whatever country selected.

The thing that intrigues me with this app is that they have pop up images of what to do to have a more successful outcome. After that you move onto the editing process where you can make sure the alinements are good. The brightness, contrast or flipping the image for a better result.

Once you are happy with that you are able to select a border if needed in my case not, select your image. Print it wherever that may be for a small fee.


My opinion is that this is a basic free app to use that offers you the basic. That you need to print decent passport photos. My concern is that how do you know if all the time you spent doing it yourself was worth it. As you have no picture review to say what you need to improve on, or accepted. For e.g. When I tested out the finish image I complete using this app I did  not get the result I was hoping for.


 Sadly, this app does not have any reviews, which indicates that it has never been used. Perhaps they downloaded it and didn’t use it, or perhaps they deleted it. This would technically be their first review, and I think they need it since maintaining excellence is always a priority. 

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