Passport Size Photo Maker Review

Passport Size Photo Maker Review

Firstly, upon opening the app, you have a very basic setup. In general, the appearance is not very inviting, but hopefully it will be able to do the job. With three options to choose from passport, visa or custom size image. Then the country you would need it for, automatically coming up with the size you would need for that photo. Then you have the option of selecting your image or taking from your gallery.

Secondly, once selected your image you go through the editing process very similar to the other apps with options of brightness, saturation , contrast, If the image needs to flipped or rotated . What it does include that the others do not is the option to add  suit to your image for a more professional look. Having said that, I think that this makes the image look amateurish.

Finally once completed the editing process. If you are happy with you image you can save and print your work from home or wherever has a printer for a small fee.  How do you know your passport agency will accept your photo with this app? That’s the dilemma I have with it. No guarantee is made or steps are described to guarantee acceptance of the photograph or how to ensure it will be accepted.


Mixed reviews from there customer based, I believe its really what you need from them if you just need to edit a few photos with a few tweaks then this may be the app for you . Nonetheless, if you are conscientious about having your passport photos edited, printed, and sent. Then download the Print and Post App or use their website where you will be able to have your photos taken care of with guaranteed acceptance.

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