Photo Aid App Review

Photo Aid app review 

It’s clear from downloading the application that it does offer a wide range of services. This includes passport photos, driving license photos, resident card photos, visa photos, oyster card photos, as well as student ID and diploma photos.

After uploading your photo, it gives you a compatibility test that analyses your photo. In spite of passing the compatibility test, the photo uploaded, failed the GOV passport photo website, as it was classified as fair. None the less, without the ‘GOOD’ photo result.  Guaranteed acceptance is not possible.

The delivery 

They offer two delivery options, a premium version that costs £6.95. Which has a guaranteed delivery time of over 72 hours, a 200% money-back guarantee. Automated and human verification, background removal, and printable templates.

Alternatively, you can purchase Premium + printing. Where you receive the above with a paper printout delivered in 72 hours. As a result, this cannot be guaranteed or tracked due to the pandemic.


The clients should feel understood and heard by you, and their concerns should be addressed.  Therefore, I refer to the reviews they are receiving about the quality of the photos, the timing, and the customer service they provide.







Nevertheless, not every review is negative. It emphasizes the importance of good communication between businesses and their customers. To provide customers with the services they pay for and to deliver them as they are expected.

Print and Post App, for example, is another great alternative that people should consider. Which enables users to send passport photos, have them checked by professionals. In order to fulfil the government entry criteria for passport photos.

Knowing how important it is to keep their customers informed, Immediately upon receiving your photo, you will be notified by email. We will let you know the estimated editing time and if there are any issues with the photo. In summary, a good communication process ensures happy/returning customers.

  Along with a verity services on their Manage Mail Service website from a DONE4U Service to much more. With such affordable prices and great services you can’t go wrong. 


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