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Post Office Ltd is a retail company that has been playing a key role in the UK for centuries. With over 11, 500 branches across the UK, and 97% of them run with retail partners or an agency.

The post office is usually local to its consumers. 99.7% live within 3 miles of a distance and 93% within 1 mile of distance. Not to forget, they have a noteworthy online business.

The post office provides social value estimated at £2.3 billion and has 170 products and services that they offer to people such as Posting, Retail and Gifting, Local Collect, Drop and Go Mail Services etc

There are thousands of branches open 7 times a week with the timings being usually being 9am-5:30am.

Post Office Ltd claims to be an important source of customers social interaction, mainly catering to the old, the lonely and the vulnerable members of society.  Post Office Ltd’s postmasters like making a meaningful difference to surroundings villages and towns.


Through their posting services, you are able to send mail or parcels by

  • Standard UK Delivery
  • Signed for UK Delivery
  • Next day Delivery
  • Drop & Go
  • Special Delivery When Sending Valuables

You are also able to post internationally by

  • Standard International Delivery
  • Confirmed International Delivery
  • Guaranteed International Delivery
  • Economic International Delivery
  • Drop & Go

Post Office Ltd have different prices for Standard Delivery 1st Class & Standard Delivery 2nd Class.

Below are the differences in sending 1st or 2nd class.

Customers are able to send different sized letters, with different weights, all priced differently.



As much as we love the Post Office Ltd, there’s just so many steps required to send out mail correctly.


These steps are not just time consuming and pricey, but you are easily able to not meet a requirement and make a human error with things like the address.


Managed Mail Services Ltd ensures this 7- step process is an easy click and send process with us instead.


Post Office Ltd does not provide customisation. This may be fine for most, but when you are a business and you have mail to send to your consumers with their names, this becomes an issue.

When sending mail through the post office, you need to do the customisation yourself. This requires adding objects in yourself to make it bulk mail, getting a coloured printer in order to print in different colours, figuring out how to print and fold a letter in order for the address to show in the window… etc. The whole process can be time consuming.

With Managed Mail Service Ltd, we are able to customise your mail in numerous ways.

We could create a bulk affect, making it seem as if there is something within your envelope.

Whether you choose to add an object to create a bulk affect or choose other alternatives, consumers will not disregard your mail as junk mail, but instead will be curious.

By adding objects, your mail becomes special. “As long as you take your time to put together and amazing piece of direct mail, your audience won’t quickly forget the message you sent.” (Patel, 2021

“If you’re like most people, you’ll tell your friends about these memorable pieces of marketing genius.” (Patel, 2021) – and just like that, direct mail becomes a source of marketing for businesses. Different colours, different fonts, and different physical items inside your envelope will all convey a message to your consumer, as well as make your mail stand out.

Managed Mail Service Ltd specialises in helping businesses market themselves at a cheaper rate. The term “piggy backing” refers to the option of having your promotional inserts included in someone else’s mail – they get paid through this, and you get your business out there. This is just one technique of customising letters; we have many more.


As much as we love the post office, it is definitely time consuming.

Not only do you have to prepare the letters remembering their 7-steps, which can be overwhelming, but you also have to travel to the post office.

How exquisite would it be if we could just email the post office our mail and they could just send it off for us?

Even better, imagine emailing them your mail that needs to be sent to you or your recipient, at ANY time from the comfort of our homes? Although this seems unlikely as they have not announced such a thing, Managed Mail Services provides you this option

With Managed Mail Services, you do not have to queue at long queues in a boiling small post office, you do not need to run to make it on time before Post Office Ltd closes its branches (some branches as early as 4/5pm.)

With the Post Office Ltd, you cannot just simply drop off your mail. You have to purchase the right envelope, you have to purchase a stamp, you have to stand there and pay, you have to patiently stand there and write out the address correctly. “Make sure the stamp is on the top right and the address is on the left” they say. Just like that, your evening is gone.

Have they ever turned around and said, “This is not the correct address, it is not coming up on the systems?”

Would you believe us if we said that our software and app automatically pre-populates the correct address once typed in.

Even better, if that is regular mail, our system remembers the address. If that mail is going to a company, all you have to do is write in the company name. Managed Mail Service Ltd made the 7-step process, a 2 step.

Remember, we even handwrite the address to make it look more personal.


Before Managed Mail Service Ltd was founded, even we were satisfied with the everything Post Office Ltd had to offer, until we invented scheduling mail.

Scheduling emails and social media posts has become a huge renowned hack that many busy businesses, influencers and regular people use. What about scheduling mail?

Although Post Office Ltd has an option for regular parcel senders to Drop and Go, there is no option to plan when the mail is sent out.

Managed Mail Service has you covered. If you are too busy to send out mail on 2nd January, you can send mail through us in December… even November, rest assured your mail will be sent out on 2nd January.

Does your mail need to be sent out every first Wednesday?  Perfect. Managed Mail Service has that covered for you.

Post Office Ltd does not provide a print for you service, Managed Mail Service Ltd does.


The obvious costs when mailing with Post Office Ltd are purchasing stamps, purchasing envelopes, and mailing letters with weight. 

Have you considered the hidden costs?

  • Fixing your printer costs
  • Ink costs for the printer
  • The costs of travel to the Post Office if not a walking distance.

When mailing with Managed Mail Service Ltd, you no longer have to worry about these costs anymore. Save your money.

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