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Founded in 1999 by four friends, Bala Parthasarathy, Rajil Kappor, Suneet Wadhwa and Shripati Acharya. Snapfish enables you to share and capture special moments anywhere, anytime,and be shared or sent to all of your loved ones.

Offering a wide array of printing options including prints on mugs, blankets, personalized cards, and photo books. The company provides a range of options for printing.

Additionally, they are expanding their product line to include magnets, photo books, keyrings, magnets, ornaments, and phone cases.

They achieved early success as a web based retailer. Leading to selling their company in 2005 for 300 million. They were bringing in less than 100 million a year, this was still big achievement for a company so early on, and for Hewlett-packard to see future potential in the company.

Due to his background in digital photography collaborations, printing equipment and supplies, he was the perfect candidate for the acquisition of this company. BY 2005 there membership numbers had grown to 40 million and 2007 was hosting 1 billion digital photos.

Snapfish had established websites which were available to provide services to members in countries other than the United States.

In August of 2013, the company made the announcement that they were going to close down the services that they had been providing to customers in Spain, the Netherlands, India and in Belgium. Directing customers to replacement services Pixuum and Photojannic.

In 2016 while converting to a new web system, the company experienced a catastrophic data loss. All of the photos which had been stored before January of 2014 would not migrate to the new website system. There was no other issue worse than this that Snapfish had encountered in their successful provision of web-based photo services to members.

My personal experience with Snapfish is a fair one, offering free 600 prints when a year meaning you get 50 free prints per month between a certain cut off date. Which is a good incentive.

Firstly, I would not use their services that often, only for gifts or special occasions. For instance I really only use printing services to print formal documents which they do not include in their services. Secondly their delivery charge, which seems insignificant at first, but if I was to order 28 free 6×4 prints,6 12×8+8×6 with delivery, I would pay £14.22. Which is not an exceptionally high price. Thirdly I was not able to add the coupon code they offered which can be frustrating and a put off for some. In conclusion this would not be my go to printing service to use.

They offer a range of different delivery times available. Do not offer collection.

TRUST PILOT Customer reviews

Customer reviews are important as they carry your business and their is no better promotion then a happy customer. Sadly the same cannot be said for these.

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