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The TM01 form deals with the resignation of an individual director or a company director.

TM01, a form created under section 167 of the Companies Act 2006, applies to cases of one or more directors withdrawing from the company. TM01 replaces 288b, which is a form relevant for both for managers and secretaries.

Related Forms

Form TM01 can only be used to terminate a director’s appointment. It may be an individual or a corporate entity.

If you are to terminate the appointment of a secretary, you will need to use TM02 which is the ‘Termination of appointment of secretary’.

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TM01 Form Charge

Companies House has made this form available to you for free.


Processing Time

2-3 weeks.


  • This form may be used to terminate a director’s appointment. It may be an individual or a corporate entity.


  • You cannot use this form to terminate the appointment of a secretary. To do this, please use form TM02 ‘Termination of appointment of secretary’.

Address for TM01 Form

You can send this form to any Companies House address, but for expediency, we recommend sending it to the address listed on the TM01 form.

TM01 – Termination of appointment of secretary –  Expanded

The Form TM01 is divided into four parts, each of which must be filled out completely in order for it to be approved by Companies House and properly recorded in the company’s records.

Information about the company:

The full official company name as well as the registration number is entered here.

The details that must be entered, like most parts of the TM01 Form, can be typed in using a computer if Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader is installed.

Current information about the director:

This segment contains the Director’s full name and date of birth (in DD/MM/YYYYY format).

Termination Date: This is the date from which the resignation may take effect (in DD/MM/YYYYY format).

Companies House may be notified of vacant vacancies that have already occurred as well as those that will occur in the future using the TM01 Form.

Signature: Validation of the contract requires the signature of a company official.

This may be the director who is resigning on the TM01 form, a surviving officer, or someone who is responsible for any liquidation proceedings that are underway.

Optional Information: If any correspondence relating to the document needs to be forwarded to an address other than the company’s registered office, details of a correspondence address can be specified on the second page of the Form TM01.


Important Notes

  • The name and number of the corporation match what is on the public register.
  • You’ve included the termination date.
  • Make sure the forms are signed
  • Forms that are completed incorrectly and have missing information will be returned.

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