TouchNote Review – Send Postcards & Greeting Cards via Mobile App


TouchNote is a mobile app for smartphones and websites. It allows you to send printed, personalised postcards and greeting cards to yourself, friends and family.

With just a flew clicks, you able to post pictures from your mobile phone to your friends and family.

Let’s say you like traveling. With TouchNote (their website >), you will be able to share your snaps with friends and family with our worldwide postage- no matter where you are in the world.  Do not worry about having to find a post office to send your postcards as TouchNote does everything virtually.  In addition to being convenient, many people can accomplish tasks while on the go with this method.

Delivery timings

The excellent quality postcards arrive pretty fast too depending on where you are sending them. 1-3 days in the UK and up to 5 days in the USA and Europe.

Advantages Of Using Touch Note

The good thing about this app is that it is time-saving and efficient. Combining the traditional fun of receiving a real postcard or greetings card with the digital era’s convenience is a great idea. For those who are interested the history of Touch Note can be found here >

They do have a limited price range, however, and may be considered expensive. There are no lower prices for sending cards within the UK or USA compared to further destinations. Nor is there an option to send just 1 postcard you need to join a monthly subscription plan or bulk buy at least 5 cards in one go. The service they provide is also on related to photographs. They did not operate support any type of document sending.

Customer reviews

Trust pilot reviews

Despite their claims of excellent customer service, on-time delivery, and reliable operation, their customers seem to be experiencing otherwise without a solution.

A smaller company such as Managed Mail, on the other hand, values every review, query, or complaint as it’s about customer satisfaction, which is paramount to their business’ success. They make sure every order or purchase is followed up and that each customer has a positive experience.

A membership is required to use the services of this company. For some, this might be unappealing, as they don’t necessarily need to use this company very often. this could mean wasted funds and unexpected charges.


If having documents printed and posted is something that you are looking for then look into our Print & Post – Virtual Printer app for an application that encompasses all types of documents, letters, Newsletters, Postcards, Polaroids, and photos of different sizes (A5, A4…).

Files they you can have printed from anywhere in the world. We offer “payasyougo services, meaning there are no hidden fees or charges deducted from your account. In addition to the quick delivery, Manage Mail also offers collection if in a hurry. 

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