Firstly, what I really enjoyed using this app was the easiness and simplicity. Upon opening the app you have 4 options, new photo, my photo, photographers guide and help and support. Then you have the option of choosing which photo you would like from the size the country you are printing it for and whether its for a Passport, Visa, ID many more.

Secondly, you choose what image resolution you would like the image printed in. I was befuddled on this part as I was unsure as to what would be the right choice. This is where I believe they could have included an automatic resolution or most commonly picked.

Once past that, you select or take the image you would like and start the editing process. I, personally loved this feature as it gave me a more hands on approach. However, for some this may be to much as they would rather leave it to the professionals.

The service that Manage Mail Service would provide to make their life easier.

Thirdly, your last step of editing would be brightness contrast and editing background, if not already the accurate background. This is where I encountered some difficulties as I edited half the face of my image and had to start over. When editing is complete, you can review the edit or redo any parts you think need to be redone.

When you are happy with your photo, if you have a printer at home can print form home or at your local studio or Library with multiple image options of how you would like it printed the sizing .


Overall, I believe this is a great app to use. My personal preference would be to have your edited image checked to assure or guarantee acceptance. For e.g Manage Mail Service will do all this for you and send out the finished printed images within a couple of days for a small fee . Rather than spending your hour editing your photo, which might not be acceptable because the brightness was off.


The review process is incredibly important for any business, since it informs potential customers how they can trust you with honest feedback and what to look out for in red flags before making a decision. ‘Negative reviews can seriously impact your business. Every time a negative review pops up on Google searches, you have the potential to lose customers. 86% of customers hesitate to purchase from companies with negative reviews. Negative reviews ultimately cost you web traffic and revenue.’


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