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What are the reasons for re-registration?

Private companies usually re-register as public companies for them to be able to market their shares publicly and to request acceptance on the stock market.

For example, their reasons may include the following:

  • for financial growth and  development
  • establishing the company’s market value
  • boosting the profile of the company
  • establishing a market for the shares of the company
  • improving the business’ standing with suppliers and consumers

Some firms believe re-registering to get the ‘plc’ suffix improves credibility. However, this is less common, as the costs of re-registration, and the additional administrative workload for public corporations outweigh the potential benefits of obtaining a ‘plc’ name.

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If you are trying to appoint a new secretary, you will need to use form AP03 and AP04 if it is a corporate secretary.

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RR01 Form Charge

£20 for re-registration request.

Processing Time

The processing time for this form is usually 2-3 weeks.


  • Private companies can use this form to apply for re-registration as a public company.


  • Private companies cannot use this form to apply for re-registration as a private unlimited company.

Address for RR01 Form

You can send form RR01 to any Companies House address.

RR01- Re-register a private limited company to a public limited company – Expanded

For a private limited company to re-register as a public limited company, the criteria is:

  • It passes a special resolution
  • It meets prescribed conditions;
  • An application for re-registration, along with other required documents.

The legal papers required in this process are:

  • One copy of the company’s special resolution to re-register as a public limited company
  • A copy of the revised association articles (printed)
  • A copy of a balance sheet is compiled by the auditors of the firm within seven months of the date of request.
  • Written declaration by the auditor according to paragraph 92(1)(c) of the Company Act 2006.
  • A copy of an unqualified report from the auditor
  • Assessment report on all shares paid in their entirety or part excluding cash after the date of the balance sheet
  • If no business secretary has been named, a declaration of the company secretary suggested by that company must be completed according to Section 95 of the Companies Act 2006.
  • The RR01 form must be signed by the director or company secretary

Issuance of certificate

Once Companies House accepts the request for a private limited company to re-register as a public limited company, Companies House grants a certificate that represents the registered status of the company.

Once RR01 is issued:

  • The corporation becomes a public enterprise
  • Changes in the names and articles of the company will take effect
  • The request, where it contained a declaration of the proposed secretary, is considered to have been appointed as a secretary or joint secretary of the corporations in the statement.



Important Notes

If there are missing or incorrect details, Companies House has the right to return forms therefore is important to check:

  • The name and number of the corporation correspond to the details in the public register.
  • Provide the new company name in section A2.
  • Include the supporting documentation as required in section A2.
  • The address of the company secretary must be a physical address.
  • There is a signature on the form
  • You have enclosed the £20

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