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AA02 forms are used to submit accounts by Dormant Limited Companies.

There are a number of reasons for having a dormant company which has never traded, though usually it’s to prevent another company from using the company name that you plan (or hope) to use in the future.

If your company is dormant, it is your responsibility to submit annual accounts and confirmation statement to Companies House by completing and submitting the AA02 Dormant Company Accounts (DCA) form.

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If a company is not dormant anymore, HMRC need to know that a company or organisation has become ‘active’. That is, receiving income, trading or conducting business. You must inform HMRC within three months of the business activity starting. To do so, you would need to fill the CT41G form. 

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AA02 Form Charge

Unlike the annual return filing company accounts is free. The only costs a company may face are penalties or fines if a company has failed to complete a form on time or at the event of a serious breach.


AA02 Form Processing Time

2-3 weeks.



  • Submit dormant accounts for a limited company which has never traded.
  •  Submit dormant accounts for a company limited that the only transaction is the issue of subscriber shares.


  • You will need to use the older version of this form if the accounting period of a Dormant company started before 6th April 2008.

AA02 – dormant company accounts – Expanded

Companies are labelled ‘Dormant’ for as long as they do not sell, trade or buy goods.

Directors of Dormant companies are responsible for deciding who files papers.

‘Dormant’ are still required to file AA02 on time to avoid any penalties.

 Before completing and submitting AA02 form, make sure to check the following:

  • Company number and name matches the information that is on the public Register.
  • The date of approval of the accounts must be entered in Section 4.
  • The Director must print their name and signed the DCA.
  • Read the guidance in Section 6.


Important Notes

  • Forms completed incorrectly or with missing information will be returned.
  • Forms must be filed on time to avoid penalty.

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