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Companies House Form AP01 is designed for companies when appointing a new director. The appointment must be registered with Companies House within 14 days of their appointment.

However, this form is only used to appoint an individual as a company director and not corporate directors.In order to appoint a corporate director, you would need the AP02 form.

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The introduction of Form AP01 and AP02 represents a separation of two appointment tasks which were previously covered by the single Form 288a document.Form AP01 introduced on 1 October 2009 as part of the Companies Act 2006 changes, now deals solely with the appointment of natural persons to the position of company director.
On the other hand, the Form AP02 handles the appointment of corporate directors.

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AP01 Form Charge

There is no fee for appointing a new director; Companies House will process it for free.

Processing Time for Form AP01

There is no precise timeline for Companies House to process this form however it should be processed within 2-3 weeks.



  • Remove an existing director
  • Change the personal details after submitting the form
  • Apply via post


  • Name a corporate entity as a director ( AP02)
  • Remove a director before appointing the new one

Other Forms Related to Form Ap01 

Address for AP01 Form

Depending on your preferences, the service address can be listed using a director’s address service which will prevent your home address to be displayed on the public register. For instance, this could be really convenient for company directors who run their business from home.

Moreover, the address supplied does not need to be within the UK.As a result, it is allowed for someone living outside of the UK to become director of the company.

Appointing of new director – Expanded

Appointing a new director will require the submission of some information that will be listed with Companies House in connection with the company. The information required includes:

  • Date of their appointment
  • Full name and any former names used within the last two decades
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Occupation if any held
  • Service address
  • Residential address
  • Full Name

It may be worth adding the middle name to the application process just so there will be less risk of a mix-up with someone else of the same name.


Important Notes

  • Forms that are not completed correctly and have missing information will be returned.
  • Company address will be available for the public, so make sure to provide an actual physical address. Take note that a PO Box number will not be accepted (unless it is part of a full address). It also cannot be a DX or LP (Legal Post in Scotland) number.

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