CH01 – Change of Director’s Details Downloadable PDF Form – Print & Post

CH01 – Change of Director’s Details Downloadable PDF Form – Print & Post

The CH01 form is a common form that companies in the UK need to use to update the details of existing directors. This is not a form to change the details of a corporate director. However you can use the CH01 to inform Companies House for changes such as change of name (due to marriage or Deed Poll), change of residential or service address of any limited company director. However you will not be able to use this form to make new directorship appointments.

If you want to appointment and brand new director you will need to use the AP01 form.

Related Forms To CH01

Companies House has introduced the forms CH01, CH02, CH03 and CH04 in the corporate legislation of October 2009. Previously, company directors were using the form 288c, to change any detail related to the company’s director or secretaries. Nowadays, each form relates to one kind of change of details. Therefore, there are now separate documents for each purpose. It is critical that you use the correct form for the correct purpose to avoid unnecessary delays.

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CH01 Form Charge

You do not need to send any payment to Companies House alongside the CH01 form, they will process it for free.

Processing Time For This Form

There is no precise timeline for Companies House processing this form however it should be processed within 2-3 weeks.


  • Change Directors Address
  • Last Name due to Marriage
  • Ltd in England & Wales
  • Update via Post


  • Use for Corporate Directors
  • Appoint New Director
  • Remove Director
  • Change Share Ownership

Other Forms

Address for CH01 Form Send Off

It depends on whether your business in England, Wales or Scotland or Northern Ireland in regards to where you need to send the form too. The address for each is included on the right hand side of the form in question.

Change of Director’s Details – Expanded

The company has a legal obligation to inform Companies House of the changes related to your company’s directors and secretaries. To change the director’s details, you need to use the form CH01 (if the director is a person, not a company). This document will inform Companies House of the alterations you wish to make to an existing appointment.

The document includes seven sub-sections. The first one of them indicates for which company the document applies. To complete it, you will need the full company name and number. This can be found on Companies House website, by typing your company’s name. In the next section, you will need to enter the current details of the company director for whom you wish to make changes, as they are in the registrar. The details have to match what Companies House Registrar contains in order to correctly identify the person. If you have legally changed your name you should sent proof of this.

For the details that have not changed, the parts of the form should be left blank. Its important that the director who is updating their details is the one that signs and dates this CHO1 form otherwise it will not be processed by Companies House. A wet signature is required rather than a photocopy to avoid delays.

Important Notes

The address you provide must be an actual address and not a PO BOX or a DX or LP number (Legal Post in Scotland). It is also worth noting that the address you provide will appear on the Companies House website and so be available to the public to view. It is not permitted no section 5a that you put ‘Same as service address’ if your service address has been stated in Section 5 as ‘The Company’s Registered Office’. You will need to manually enter the address again.

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