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Form CH02 is a form that is designed to let the Companies House know of any changes on a corporate director’s details. The information needed here will slightly differ to that required by the Form CH01 in many respects including the changes in its registered office and the information about a company director’s status in the European Economic Area.

Forms Related to Form CHO2- Change Of Corporate Director

This form is used to change details of a corporate director. This cannot be use for changing the details of a corporate secretary. To do so, you can use form CH04 which is also called as “Change of Corporate Secretary Details”.

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CH02 Form Charge

Company house will not collect any payment. They will process it for free.

CH02 Processing Of Form Time

There is no precise timeline for Companies House to process this form however it should be processed within 2-3 weeks.


  • Change Corporate Director details
  • Apply via Post


  • Change Corporate Secretary details

Other Forms

Address for CH02 Form

Make sure that the new address provided is an actual address depending on the location of your business. It shouldn’t be a PO Box number (unless it is part of a full address), DX or LP (Legal Post in Scotland) number.

Change of Director’s Details – Expanded

  • Ensure that the company name and number matches the information that is recorded in the public Register. You can find this by searching your company’s name on the Companies House Website.
  • Indicated the Date of change of details. See Section 3 of this form.
  • Enter all relevant details that need changing.
  • Make sure that the new address is actual physical address.
  • Do not forget to Sign the form.

Important Notes

  • Forms that are not completed correctly and have missing information will be returned.
  • Company address will be available for the public, so make sure to provide an actual physical address. Take note that a PO Box number will not be accepted (unless it is part of a full address). It also cannot be a DX or LP (Legal Post in Scotland) number.

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